How it all started!

First thing’s first – As you have already noticed, the complete website is now live. Last week after writing my sixth post, I realized that it had been five weeks since I started this blog and it was about time that I dedicated some more time to it and develop a complete website for it. And one week later, here it is, and I hope you like it (as always, any suggestions or feedback is always appreciated). Since we are already on this topic, let’s make today’s post about the story behind it all.

According to a study by Headstream, brand stories have a real impact on people and an overwhelming 79% of people want brands telling their story. And so, let me share with you the story of how this blog came along – from inception to execution. To build the context it is important to explain a little about myself. After graduating as a Civil Engineer, I joined our family business of Construction Management. As a part of our business, travelling to different places for construction projects was my daily regimen up until the lockdown hit us all.

For a person who would much rather be on a project site even on a Sunday than stay home and relax, months of being locked up was intractable, as you can imagine or probably even relate to. Although, to retain my sanity I had to keep myself occupied and work on something that piqued my interest. It was then that my entrepreneurial instincts came about and I started working on an online startup with a friend, which is a topic for another post. Along with this, I also wanted to work on some of my existing skills and leverage those to build new skillsets.

In the recent years, I have instilled a habit of reading various articles, magazines, books, etc. which has provided me with a viewpoint on a host of different topics. I mulled over the thought to do further research and start writing simplified articles on these topics that might interest others (although I pivoted from the initial school of thought a little, but the idea persisted). Since I have always had a knack for writing and the fact that one of my key responsibilities at work is to write and maintain regular correspondence with our clients gave me further incentive to start this blog because it would be another way to brush up my writing skills.

Now that the idea was in place, as I discussed in my one of my earlier posts, there were a host of other decisions to make. For once, I considered writing the articles on LinkedIn but upon further consideration, I realized I wanted to touch upon a wider audience and hence, the website was the way forward. Building a website is a task in itself and as daunting as it sounded, I decided to start writing by only building a framework for a single post page without the complete website. And six weeks later, here we are.

Now, I want to use this post to share a concept which I like to call as Model-Based Approach. This is a concept of testing and experimenting new ideas and is widely used in the startup world. Building a startup is a capital intensive and risky job and in order to reduce risk, startups tend to run small scale tests for their products in order to understand if and who likes their product.

For instance, Oyo Rooms started out by managing a single hotel in Gurugram for around six months before they launched a full-fledged business as we know it now. During this time, they would have worked on their product, identified their target audience, worked out the economics, figured out a business model, etc. while remaining focused on their product and trying to make it more appealing to the target customers.

This model-based approached can be inculcated in all our forays of life. While venturing into any new field in our professional or personal life, the overwhelming thoughts of so much to do may be daunting but it is upon us to remain focused on our product and remain consistent in our efforts.


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