The Real Meaning of Success!
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The Real Meaning of Success!

The internet is full of motivational quotes, stories, videos and much more content on the ways to be successful. Yet, here I am discussing the same topic. But this is not another motivation post or some guide to achieve success. This is going to be more of a discussion on understanding our meaning of success.

Before we proceed any further, we should probably address the definition of the term. In the simplest of terms, Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Since all of us have a different aim and purpose in life, success is relative to each one of us. Some might relate success to landing a job in a big corporate, others might wish to build a big corporate on their own. Whatever your idea of success may be, you will first need to find your purpose.

When you are in the market to buy something, you probably look at all the options that you have in the category that you are shopping. Usually, the more money that you are potentially going to spend, the more varieties you want to try. Similarly, when you want to set an aim or purpose for your life, it is better to look at all the fields that you may be interested in and try a couple of options before you decide the one that fits your needs. It is during our education that we have the most time to look into all the opportunities available at our disposal. It is in school or college that we study a variety of subjects, participate in various activities and meet different people to understand what we are good at and more importantly, what we want to do for the rest of our lives.

You may not find your calling during your 20s and might end up in a job that you may not want or like. Although the stereotypes of society will ask you to remain where you are, but it may not be right to do so. I am not asking you for an extreme reaction like quitting your job. But when you do find yourselves in such a situation, it is better to break the monotony of your daily routine and experiment with a few different ideas and activities and you might actually end up finding something that you like to do. A simple google search will show you numerous examples of people who started pretty late in their life but still managed to achieve success. All you need is the right kind of motivation and confidence in yourself to start.

The world is changing and is presenting us with new opportunities every day. You may find yourself in a situation where you wish to change your aim, or it may even be prudent to do so. Over the course of life, change is the only constant. All I can tell you is that no person is meant to do only one thing in their life. As we grow wiser, our priorities change and so can the meaning of success. And if you have already succeeded in one field does not mean that you cannot do it in another field as well. For instance, Reliance evolved from the biggest industrial houses of the country to one of the biggest internet companies in the world. As long as your focus, perseverance and determination remain the same, you can achieve success in multiple disciplines.

While you should take your time to find your purpose, it is important to remain true to your purpose once decided. Once the goal becomes clear and we finally understand our meaning of success, it becomes extremely important to remain focused. Just like Arjuna had his vision only on the eye of the bird, your vision on the target is what will help you achieve that goal. Set your eye on the target and keep going for it until you reach your target. And if you want to give up, remember that Thomas Edison tried more than 10,000 times to invent the light bulb. Obstacles and roadblocks are a part of the path less travelled, but it’s your patience and perseverance that will keep you on track.

I think, I may have started to sound like another motivational post now, so I am going to sum it up for today.

  • Success is relative and you need to decide what it means for you.
  • Before you settle for a goal, make sure to explore all the opportunities that may be available to you.
  • As we grow, our vision may keep evolving and this should not be of concern as long as you remain focused and action oriented.

The next time you have an idea or may wish to try something new, it’s always better to give it a try rather than concentrating on the pros and cons. I have always thought to myself, what’s the worst that could happen if I try it out and it’s always worth that risk.

All of us are dreamers, but it’s your actions that will turn you into an Achiever. 


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