The best investment that will never fail you!
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The best investment that will never fail you!

Billionaire Investor Warren Buffet says, “Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself”. This is one investment that “you can’t beat,” can’t be taxed and not even inflation can take away from you. “Nobody can take away what you’ve got in yourself, and everybody has potential they haven’t used yet.”

The human body, including the brain and the knowledge, skills, etc., is perishable. To maintain the health of the body and mind, it is important to keep investing in it. If you do not invest your time, energy and resources to maintain and update your knowledge, health, learnings, etc., it is most likely to wither away with time.

If a man empties his purse into his head no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

Investing in yourself may be the most profitable investment you ever make but it may not always seem that way. Especially when you are working on your business, investing your time and money on education, acquiring new skills, etc. may seem a waste of effort. This is because an investment in self does not make you instant money but it surely pays out the maximum dividends in the long run.

How can we invest in ourself?

Many of us have the propensity of equating investing in ourself with maintaining a high level of productivity. Whereas, investing in oneself is not an intra-day trade but a long term investment. To really invest in oneself, is to understand the value of gaining that knowledge and how it can help you succeed at your job, business or life.

It is easy to get lost in the hustle-bustle of daily life and not realise the true value of this investment. For instance, maintaining good health will save you on so many hospital visits and add more years to your life. This time can then be utilised to achieve and enjoy your accomplishments and success.

1. Keep learning

When you inculcate a habit of learning as much as you can, you are continuously building a cache of information. This information can help you in ways that you might never realise. Sometimes even the slightest things that you learn, which might not have any relevance with your work or life can help you in so many ways. Do you know, we have these beautiful fonts in our word processing software is because Steve Jobs audited a calligraphy class one day.

It is imperative to keep your curiosity alive and keep trying and learning new things, even if they seem non-relevant. As a person who has spent lacs of rupees in online courses, I can tell you that not one penny of it has been wasted and all the time and money that I spent has given me lessons that I would not have learnt otherwise.

2. Maintain proper health:

Along with a curious and knowledgable mind, you also need a healthy body to keep it fresh. Investing time to get proper nutrition and exercise is crucial to maintain good physical and mental health. It is a well known fact, that an unhealthy body cannot house a healthy mind.

3. Opportunities:

Curiosity might have killed the cat but being curious about learning new things in life can actually open doors for you that you never knew existed. I can tell you from personal experience that reading books, blogs, watching interviews, attending webinars and pursuing online courses can show you so many ways of not just earning money but also living a better life. The ability to identify new opportunities and having the right knowledge to grab those opportunities is a deadly combo. And you can have this combo too, all you need to do is invest in yourself.

In conclusion, I believe that you can lose everything you’ve gained in life; your money, job, clients, business, reputation, and even the people you love. But you can’t lose the learnings as long as you’re improving them.


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